Until the Week of Giving



What form of donations are accepted?

Donations for Week of Giving can only be accepted as online credit card transactions. To find the fund you would like to make a donation to, find the organization on the category page, or look through our list of all participants to see every organization that is participating in the North Valley Week of Giving.

Is there a minimum donation?

Yes, there is a $5 minimum. We want you to give you the opportunity to give whatever you feel is appropriate, so we set the minimum as low as we could!

Are there fees collected on my donation?

Yes. Gifts will be charged a 2% administrative fee by NVCF, plus a variable merchant account fee of approximately 2% by Stripe, our credit card processor. Stripe's fee may vary slightly depending on the type of credit card used by the donor (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, etc.).

Will my payment be tax-deductible?

Yes! A tax receipt will be emailed to you as soon as you give. If you do not receive the receipt within a few minutes, you may want to check your spam folder. If there is any trouble, email weekofgiving@nvcf.org and NVCF staff can provide the receipt.

May I request help to make an online donation?

Yes. You are welcome to email us at weekofgiving@nvcf.org or call (530) 891-1150 to ask any questions on how to make your online donation.

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