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Upcycled Makers Market

Upcycled Makers Market


Campaign Message

Upcycled Makers Market - It is what you make it

Your contributions will go to fund the development and operations of Upcycled Makers Market and to support our mission.

There is an increasing number of reusable items going into the landfill. Upcycled Makers Market diverts reusable items, uses them to fill the need of supplies and materials for artists, makers, and facilitators, while developing opportunities for creative reuse, expression, healing through art, community camaraderie, and environmental stewardship.

We intend to use funds for the following:

Filing fees for non-profit status

Costs related to acquiring location including rent and remodel

Branding and marketing materials for collaboration opportunities with local art and environmental advocacy based organizations

A vehicle and 2 Bicycles for sourcing materials and outreach

Mission Statement

Our mission at Upcycled Makers Market is to support artists and makers by providing resources and a platform for expression, while inspiring creative reuse and up-cycling, to instill a sense of wonder and possibility. Through interactive opportunity spaces we strive for creative expression, community camaraderie and environmental stewardship.

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Luann Manss

Image by John Schnobrich
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