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The Maranatha House

The Maranatha House


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November 2020 will be our three-year anniversary, and so far, we have housed over 45 women. It has been an awesome journey. There has been a lot of success stories at our house, and many have been able to accomplish what the courts have asked of them.

One of the ladies worked very hard at getting her 4-year-old son back into her life. She completed her Sheriff’s Work Alternative Program (SWAP), while attending mandatory court classes, getting her driver’s license and insurance for her car, and was able to have supervised visits with her son. According to the local drug & alcohol counselors, this was all done in record time. Another women’s success story was how the county could only fund her stay for 30 days, and she was able to maintain a job, buy a car, maintain her sobriety, and pay for her rent for six months until she was able to find a place of her own. All of this has been possible because God has provided a Christ centered home for these women to make positive choices in their life.

All the women who come into the Maranatha house are introduced to Jesus as their Loving Saviour, and some have made lasting bonds with members of our local church. The women who have stayed at the Maranatha House have even been introduced to the blessing of keeping the Sabbath, and they have all been encouraged to look forward to Jesus coming again. They have also had fun recreational time making grape juice from our vineyard, planting gardens, and reaping the harvest.

I wish to express our gratitude for your consideration to help with some of the needs at our house. Please keep the women who come to our house in your prayers, as they are in a battle for their sobriety. We pray that our home will continue to help women in Oroville have a saving relationship with Jesus and that they may re-enter society with a changed heart and renewed hope.

We depend upon donations like yours to advance with the work of the Maranatha House. Once again, thank you so much for taking the time to consider our application.

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An Outward Expression of an Inward Change

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