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St. Thomas the Apostle School

St. Thomas the Apostle School


Campaign Message

Thank you to the community and everyone for your continued support for the 66 years our school has served the community. 90% of our students attend and graduate from higher education schools. We are proud of their success and the added value they have brought to our community. Our school provides an all-inclusive education. We are a small school, that supports the following:
• To develop respect and tolerance for individual opinions and points of view.
• To develop each child's awareness of his/her own self-worth.
• To assist each child in the awareness of being fully loved by God and uniquely created by Him, with gifts to contribute to His world.
• To develop a sense of Christian principles, which will assist the student in becoming a contributing member of our global society.
• To provide for the development and knowledge of the human body and its fitness in relation to exercise, nutrition, growth, and hygiene.
• To encourage the student to express him/herself in creative and positive ways.
Your funds will help us continue developing young people for the world we live in and love.

Mission Statement

St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic School, established in 1955 as an educational ministry of St. Thomas the Apostle Parish Family, serves the Parish Community, nearby Catholic Parishes, and others who accept our values and principles. We bring Catholic education to children through:

● Faith in God
● Christian moral values
● Encouraging the love of learning
● The pursuit of academic excellence
● Fostering a commitment to help others
● An environment of respect and discipline

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