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Sewa International, Inc

Sewa International, Inc


Campaign Message

In the wake of disasters, we all want to help – and to know our gift is being used well.
The recent wildfires in CA have displaced and forced to evacuate, thousands of families with kids and seniors. The affected families are now living in cars, tents and shelters. They are in need of immediate assistance and longer-term rehabilitation support.
Sewa is your trusted partner in getting essential aid to those in greatest need. With decades of disaster relief experience and a well-established network of volunteers, staff and pre-positioned resources, we can respond and help in this relief effort immediately.
Please join hands with Sewa by donating to raise $50,000 to assist the fire evacuees in Butte County. Every dollar you donate goes a long way in providing basic necessities like water,
food, groceries, gas for cars, temporary shelter.

$50 will help food, water and basic necessities for a day for a family of 4
$100 will help with donation of a tent and sleeping bag for 2 people
$250 will help provide sleeping bags, tent, basic camping, hygiene kits and water for a family of 4.
$500 will provide motel accommodation for 1 week for a family.
$1000 supports a family with temporary accommodation, food and basic necessities for a week

Together, We Serve Better

Mission Statement

Sewa International’s mission is to serve humanity in distress, aid local communities, run developmental projects for the underserved, and assist people in transformational change through the power of innovation by mobilizing partners, donors, and volunteers.
We accomplish this mission by focusing our efforts towards:
Disaster recovery
Family and child welfare and
Promoting volunteerism

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