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Safe Space Winter Shelter, Inc

Safe Space Winter Shelter, Inc


Campaign Message

We invite you to be part of the solution to resolve homelessness in Chico.

By supporting Safe Space you are supporting a safe and healthy Chico for all.

We can do better, and with your help, we can.

Those we serve need your support and Chico deserves sensible solutions to our housing crisis.

Mission Statement

"In partnerships with Butte County Continuim of Care, City of Chico and engaged citizens, Safe Space resolves to end homelessness in Chico.

Our mission is to save lives, reduce trips to the emergency rooms and jail, resolve homelessness and thus transform Chico into a safe and healthy community for all.

Using Housing First strategies, providing basic shelter, food and sanitation, connecting people to a network of services, and creating a platform of stability and dignity, guests will be empowered to set their own path and time into housing providing basic shelter needs, connecting people to a network of services"

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Deanna Schwab

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