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Northern California Regional Land Trust

Northern California Regional Land Trust


Campaign Message

Working across Butte, Glenn, and Tehama Counties, we are dedicated to responsibly stewarding natural landscapes and our region's deeply rooted farming and ranching heritage for generations to come. We are celebrating our 30th anniversary this year, and over that time, have permanently protected over 30,000 acres across the North State, including sites like the historic Berkeley Olive Grove, a large portion of Rancho Llano Seco—one of the few intact Mexican Land Grant properties—and critical anadromous fish habitat on lower Deer Creek Falls.

Thanks to the support of federal, state, and local partners, we will be adding at least 7,000 acres to our portfolio this fiscal year through new conservation easements. Conservation easements shelter farms, ranches, and wild lands from current and future development threats, preserving scenic vistas and rich agricultural resources across our region. Through this legal process, the Land Trust acquires most of the development rights, allowing landowners to generate capital on their investment while leaving a unique legacy of open space for their families and the North State.

Join us in ensuring that the lands that feed us and the wild places and wide open spaces that nourish our souls are protected forever.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Northern California Regional Land Trust is to assist Northern California landowners and public agencies in the voluntary protection of land and other natural resources. The vision of the Land Trust, in collaboration with public and private partners, is to increase the amount of financial and technical resources that are available for the conservation of working lands and wildlands in Northern California; to provide leadership in these activities; to support a network of partners in land conservation by developing a strategic approach informed by our community and the landscape; to increase capacity to accomplish the Land Trust's mission and assist our partners; and to pursue visionary strategies for large-scale land conservation.

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