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Neighborhood Cat Advocates

Neighborhood Cat Advocates


Campaign Message

There is not much love out there in the world for feral cats. When Neighborhood Cat Advocates (NCA) was founded in 2013, we decided that our one mission would be to help feral and unowned cats in the most effective way possible - TNR, which stands for Trap, spay/Neuter, and Return. We work only on private property with permission from property owners.

Since our founding in 2013, we have turned over 8,500 cats - that equals thousands of feral and unowned kittens not being born! All of our funding comes from donations and profits from the amazing PawPrints Thrift Boutique. All donations to NCA go directly to paying our enormous vet bills (over $100,000 in 2019). If you love cats and want to help the cat population in our community, please donate to NCA! Thank you!

Mission Statement

Neighborhood Cat Advocates is a volunteer-run organization that traps, spays/neuters, and returns feral and unowned cats in Chico and the surrounding area. We are funded entirely by donations and profits from PawPrints Thrift Boutique.

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Shelly Rogers

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