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Irlen Ambassadors of Chico

Irlen Ambassadors of Chico


Campaign Message

Thankyou for considering our small group, to help us give scholarships to students and many others who have Scotopic Sensitivities. The recipients cannot afford the glasses on their own. Our group provides screenings, trainings and awareness, we also places orders for the glasses and filters.

The spectral filters improve peoples lives academically, socially and increase functionality and overall feelings of wellness. This is a drug-free remedy !

Irlen® Syndrome ( Scotopic Sensitivity) (SSS) is a perceptual problem that prevents an estimated 12–15% of the population from being able to learn, read, or study efficiently. Many of the perceptual problems have baffled educators and the scientific community because they remain undetected by the standard educational, visual and medical tests. -Helen Irlen

Mission Statement

Irlen® spectral filters have benefited clients with Asperger's Syndrome, autism, dyslexia, headaches and migraines, anxiety and depression, head injuries, low vision, light induced epilipsy, and other medical conditions with perceptual disorder.

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Amy Liebgott/Susan Hughes

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