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Today, nearly 700 million live in complete and total poverty, living on less than $1.90 a day...or $57/month...$693.50 per year. PER YEAR.

Internationally, this kind of poverty means there are no schools, resources, or opportunities for kids with learning disabilities or physical disabilities, and they have to stay home. Poverty means parents have so little money they are forced to sell their daughters for marriage to a man often 3x their age. Poverty means rural hospitals don’t have the ability to handle complications during childbirth. Poverty means not being able to go to school after 2nd grade, so you never have the education or knowledge to break the circle of poverty.

Here in the States, this kind of poverty means people displaced from natural disasters like the Camp Fire have no where to go. This means that the cycle of homelessness feels unbreakable and scary.

The illuminAid model is based on the fact that information is key to reducing poverty. A lack of education and information is so often at the heart of systemic poverty, and our approach is rooted in the idea that the information we have so handy here (thanks YouTube, mandatory school system, and free speech) is key to empowering developing nations to lift themselves out of poverty. If a farmer had the knowledge on how to grow rice more effectively, imagine the higher number of crops he could make, the more money we would make and the more he could afford to send his children to school, and boom - already that cycle stars to unravel.

Today, you have the opportunity to help us help break that cycle. You can donate to our programs, so we can help bring education and information to the world’s most desperate citizens.

Our model is all about long-term change. If you’re interested in investing in lifetimes of poverty eradication, this cause is for you.

We have a vision that is amazing and exciting, and we’re inviting you to invest the resources you’ve been given--whether money, energy, or other forms of support--in this important work. YOU can invest in the lives of other people who can’t do it themselves.

Supporting illuminAid comes with a many benefits, but none so great as a fellowship of brothers and sisters equally devoted to making a difference. This is a new way of belonging, an opportunity to build a legacy of hope. However you can, we invite you to be a part of this mission, to truly be a part of illuminating the future.

Mission Statement

illuminAid's mission is to help in educating the world’s poorest billion people through low-cost video technology.

illuminAid envisions a world where electricity, illiteracy, location, language and materials are no longer barriers to positive social change. Through locally created video instruction, small improvements in knowledge dissemination can fuel this progress for individuals and communities.

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