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EveryBody Healthy Body

EveryBody Healthy Body


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Butte County is in a Crisis!
Physical activity is a key component to addressing critical health situations plaguing our youth and adults today-obesity, depressive orders and substance abuse. The November 2018 Camp Fire exacerbated our communities needs in a totally different way, adding social trauma to the list. And now with COVID we can add social distancing. Routines disrupted, recreation outlets shut down and sedentary lifestyles have changed people's exercise habits, which for many has caused frustration and anxiety. It has become hard for our community to remain active.

At EveryBody Healthy Body (EBHB), we understand the frustration being expressed in our community. That is why our organization is focused on re-engaging our community to become active again. We are offering vouchers that can be used for membership, registration or participation fees for youth and adults to participate in organized sport or other recreation activities, by reducing cost as a barrier.
As winter approaches and possible shut downs continue, we are offering equipment vouchers for individuals and families. Equipment that can provide parents and kids, together, a healthy social outlet.

We ask that you partner with us by donating to this project. We have secured funding to help those affected by the Camp Fire, and would like now expand the program to our community at large, making sports/play accessible to all individuals, regardless of zip code, ability or financial means. More than ever we need to focus on stress and trauma reduction. We need to continue to keep our community connected in an active, healthy manner and we need your help to do this.

It is our responsibility to better serve our community throughout and beyond the pandemic. Help us by donating today! We appreciate your partnership in helping our community move forward toward a healthy, active recovery

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Building a Healthy Community through Physical Activity

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Kathleen Carpenter

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