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Chico Theater Company

Chico Theater Company


Campaign Message

The performing arts are crucial to the social fabric of our society! Without the ability to express ourselves on stage or through audience participation, we begin to lose contact with each other. Seven months have passed since our last indoor performance. After 17 years of houses filled with laughter, applause and even tears, Chico Theater Company faces impending financial woes that could close our doors forever. Please support Chico Theater Company and the performing arts in Butte County.

Mission Statement

Chico Theater Company (CTC) provides theatrical awareness to our community and shares the benefits of the performing arts.

CTC will create a variety of theatrical experiences to a culturally, generational and socially diverse audience.

CTC strives to provide a vehicle in which the participant can experience all aspects of the theater, from the exhilaration of attending a live performance for the first time to the enjoyment of revisiting a classic, from fostering the talents of first time performers to enriching the theatrical experience through the participation of veteran actors, from educating groups through the theater experience to building talents that individuals can make use of throughout their lives.

CTC uses the performing arts to inspire, educate and entertain audiences of all ages and to forge relationships with educational institutions.

In addition to providing the community with theater that enriches lives, CTC researches, develops and fosters new performing art works that celebrate the human experience and help the community recognize its commonalities.

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