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Chico State Enterprises- Center for Healthy Communities

Chico State Enterprises- Center for Healthy Communities


Campaign Message

The Center for Healthy Communities' Market Match incentive program makes fresh locally grown food affordable. Carefully targeted Market Match nutrition incentives help low-income North State residents stretch their CalFresh food shopping dollars to afford more locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables. In our region, about 50% of the households who receive CalFresh food benefits include children or an older adult. The Market Match program also supports small and mid-sized local farms and boosts the local economy.
Your contribution to CHC’s Market Match food incentive program is a triple win. It is a win for low-income shoppers, small and mid-sized family farms, and our local economy. Help us to make a big difference with Market Match. We welcome and appreciate donations of all sizes

Mission Statement

The Center for Healthy Communities (CHC) is a leader in nutrition education, food security and physical activity programs and policies addressing the needs of diverse populations locally, regionally, and internationally. CHC provides the infrastructure and coordination of shared resources for interdisciplinary student-faculty-staff research and opportunities for civic engagement and service learning in our communities.

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