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Chico Housing Action Team

Chico Housing Action Team


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Chico Housing Action Team's mission is to ensure that every person in our community has access to housing they can afford, and we've been making progress toward that goal for more than seven years.

Through our Housing Now, HUSH, Harmony House, and Redwood student housing programs, we provide permanent affordable housing to over 160 low-income folks in Chico. We do this by renting and buying multi-bedroom houses, apartments, and trailers, and then leasing or sub-leasing to formerly homeless people at rents they can actually afford. CHAT has over 60 rentals throughout Chico. We also assist residents with accessing services, and we provide furniture and free food deliveries, as well as life-skills mentoring. Through our CHAMP program, funded by the California Community Foundation, Global Giving, and the United Way, we have helped over 40 CampFire survivor households get into housing they can afford. We are also working with the County of Butte to develop a tiny-homes emergency shelter for Behavioral Health clients who would otherwise be homeless.

The need for affordable housing in Butte County is a big challenge. With your support, we will continue to expand our efforts to end the pain and trauma of homelessness in our community.

Mission Statement

Chico Housing Action Team's mission is to ensure that all members of our community have housing they can truly afford.

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