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Brain Injury Coalition

Brain Injury Coalition


Campaign Message

Brain injury can touch anyone, anytime, anywhere - brain injury does not discriminate. Individuals recovering from brain injury now find themselves with increased challenges and in need of additional support during this time of social distancing. The Brain Injury Coalition (BIC) is and all volunteer charitable non-profit organization funded solely by donations and staffed by volunteers. Your contributions are vitally important to ensure continued support to our members and to help us continue this important work. Traditional fund raising activites at this time are very limited.

Mission Statement

Brain Injury Coalition is an advocacy and educational organization dedicated to promoting brain injury awareness and creating opportunities for individuals with brain injury, their caregivers and their families. Formed in 1991 as the Butte County Traumatic Brain Injury Task Force so a 28 year history of providing advocacy and education.

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Landa Bell Carson

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