International Efforts

These funds benefit programs that are organized by local donors to provide humanitarian aid internationally.

Bridging the Gap by Giving (BTG)

Contact: Shirley Adams   Fund Purpose: The Bridging the Gap by Giving Foundation exists to impart hope by sharing provision with...
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Continue Marcy’s Support of Global Dental Relief

100% of all donations will be give to Global Dental Relief. Eighty-seven percent of Global Dental Relief’s spending goes to direct dental care for a child. Global Dental Relief is committed to providing dental care for those who need it most, namely children. During their early childhood and teen years, kids experience the majority of their oral development and form the habits that will shape their adult lives. They strive to provide them with the dental care and education they need to achieve lifelong dental health. Life-Changing Care for $20 per Child – Global Dental Relief operates with low administrative costs; extensive in-kind donations; and the involvement of volunteers, who pay their own way and donate their time in Global Dental Relief clinics. This means every $1 donated to GDR is highly leveraged and provides $20 in dental care for a child.

Educate Refugees and Vulnerable Children

We exist to provide scholarships for refugees and vulnerable children in developing countries who need their school fees paid.

Friends of One Mobile Projector per Trainer

Contact: Patrice York   Fund Purpose: OMPT empowers the most under-served communities in the world to lift themselves out of poverty...
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Hope House International Advised Fund

Contact: Manoah Mohanraj   Fund Purpose Our mission at HOPE House International is to promote adoptions globally and to help orphans...
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New Beginnings Scholarship Fund

Home of New Beginnings provides women who desire to start new with the physical, emotional, spiritual and educational support they need to break out of sexual slavery in Bangkok’s red light districts. We provide scholarships for high school, trade school, and college. Young women are able to dream again. Now with families, careers, and positions of leadership, these girls have hope for different kinds of futures. Through outreach events, Beginnings had shared hope and the gift of family with more than 1,000 women trapped in Bangkok’s red light districts.

Open Doors Literacy Project

Contact: Gayle Kimball   Fund Purpose: Open Doors Literacy Project teaches illiterate villagers to read and write in NW Pakistan near...
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Orphan Care International

Orphan Care International was founded and incorporated in 2006 by Sherry Holbrook with the purpose of housing and caring for orphans and vulnerable children in Zambia who have been affected/infected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Orphan Care International is a non-profit organization and is funded solely by donations of caring individuals like yourself. All donations to OCI are tax deductible. We are a volunteer run organization and believe that every penny we receive should be directly donated to our current projects to benefit the children. Because of this belief, no costs are withheld from donations received. Our goal is to make each project self-sustaining through small business ownership, enabling OCI to move on to help other projects.

Stoimenovi Orphanage – Global Outreach

Contact: Christina Stoimenova   Fund Purpose: This fund provides support and resources for children without parental care in Bulgaria, so that...
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Women’s Micro-Finance Collaborative Fund

The Women's Microfinance Collaborative collects donations to create banks in Guatemala that loan to mostly indigenous women to create or grow their businesses. The banks are administered by Friendship Bridge and 4 star rated non-profit. Please visit for more information.