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Therapeutic Access Scholarship Fund

Fund Purpose

The primary purpose of the Fund shall be to provide a scholarship to help individuals and families who are unable to access therapeutic services for mental health due to financial constraints. This can include those who have insurance that does not cover their care, and those who are unable to pay private fees for support. Scholarships will be paid directly to providers on behalf of awardees.

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We believe that every individual deserves comprehensive and compassionate therapeutic care, regardless of cost. Part of our resilience here in Butte County is our collective commitment to quality mental health services- but we are facing an ever-increasing challenge when it comes to accessing this care. Many of our neighbors have insurance that does not cover their needed services, but who are unable to pay private fees for quality therapeutic care. We are seeking to meet this need and gap in our community by providing scholarships to those who most urgently need mental health care, but who would not be able to access it without a little financial support.

Contact Info

Emma Todd

(530) 366-0755

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