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George Maderos Junior Golf Scholarship Program

Propósito del fondo

To assist young people who display a passion and talent (in the sport of golf) and are in need of financial help to pay for golf equipment and attire, travel and lodging expenses, and entry fees to junior tournaments.

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George was born (in 1933) and raised in Chico. He grew up in a foster home with his two brothers following the death of his father when George was in the 1st grade. When George became a teenager he had the good fortune of being steered in the right direction through sports. It turned out he had enormous talent in every sport he tried and he played and lettered in 4 sports at Chico State. Chico was a very small town in the 1950's and a tight-knit community. The local people loved following George's sports and were extremely supportive of him in many ways. After college, he went on to play 2 years for the SF 49ers in 1955-1957 and quit to accept a teaching job at Chico State because it paid more money! Imagine that! George coached football at Chico State for 11 years and taught in the PE department for over 35 years. He took up golf soon after he quit coaching and played the game for the rest of his life, and like all the other sports he played, he was a very accomplished golfer. He passed away in February 2017 and has left a lasting legacy in our community. I was fortunate to have met George on December 6, 1980, and our first date was the next day when we attended a 49er alumni gathering in SF. We married in January 1994. Despite all his many accomplishments, he was a very quiet and humble man. My life has been enriched by being with him and watching how he lived his life. I am very excited to be able to help establish a golf scholarship program in George's name. It seems a fitting tribute to him for me to try and lend assistance to some of our youth, just like the Chico community helped George when he was young. Debbie Maderos

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Debbie Maderos


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