The Right to See Foundation

Fund Purpose

To provide scholarships to children and adults who have vision problems that cannot be fixed with glasses, but could be treated with vision therapy. Recipients would not be able to pay for therapy otherwise, or payment would create a significant financial hardship. Vision therapy can make a huge difference in someone’s life, and impact the rest of a child’s education and future.

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Good vision is much more than 20/20. Many visual skills are required to see well, and many of us take these for granted. Unfortunately for some, visual skill problems affect their ability to read, learn, and even pay attention. To see well and comfortably, the eyes have to be able to change focus quickly, maintain focus for long periods of time, work well together, and track accurately and efficiently. Then the brain has to interpret visual information in meaningful ways. If any of these skills are poor, it may be hard for a child to keep their place while reading, words may come in and out of focus, double, or move around on the page. Alternatively, reading and schoolwork may be so difficult because of poor visual skills, that the child will try to avoid it together. Homework often takes much longer than it should for children with visual skill or visual perceptual problems. Adults can also suffer from the same visual skill problems. They may notice poor depth perception, headaches, or intermittent blurry or double vision. Concussion and car accidents often disrupt the ability of the eyes to track and work well together.

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Anna Griffith

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