The Paradise Big Band

Fund Purpose

To raise funds for the Paradise Adventist Academy. Also to tutor students in musical instruments of their choice and the art of playing in various musical configurations. To raise community awareness of big band music.

More Info

The Paradise Big Band was formed in 2014 to raise community awareness of the almost lost art of big band music. Almost nowhere do you have an opportunity to hear this great genre of music. From rich, 3-part vocal harmonies of lush ballads to the driving big band sound that you just can’t sit still, the Paradise Big Band will have you dancing in no time. Young or old, all will appreciate this style of music to bring back old memories or create new ones. If you’re looking for good, big band music then you’ve come to the right place. Put on your dancing shoes or just sit back, relax and be amazed!


Contact Info

Alan Eady

(530) 906-0441