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Silver Dollar BMX World-Class Track Fund

Fund Purpose

The primary purpose of this fund is to enhance the ability of the nonprofit to raise charitable contributions to support their activities and projects.

Note: Contributions to this fund are made available to the nonprofit by NVCF and are not specifically restricted to a particular project.

More Info

For the past thirty years, Silver Dollar BMX (SDBMX) has aimed to serve the community of Chico and surrounding areas in Butte County by offering infrastructure and programs related to the sport of Bicycle MotoCross (BMX). SDBMX serves the community by providing a family-friendly facility and an alternative option to team sports. SDBMX is a nonprofit operated entirely by volunteers. The track primarily serves youth, ages 2 - 20, although the track and access to the sport is open to all ages. Skill level of riders ranges from novice (beginner) to expert, with past and current riders participating in State, National and World races. SDBMX is a sanctioned BMX organization through the parent organization, USA BMX.

SDBMX intends to build a world-class BMX track in North Chico creating a unique and incomparable facility that offers a variety of riding opportunities. The first phase of the build will focus on building a BMX track featuring two start hills to accommodate varying skill levels. This track will be suitable for BMX racing in addition to offering hills and jumps that allow athletes in other similar sports, such as SuperCross, to be able to train. The second phase of the build focuses on developing the land next to the BMX track into a paved pump track that would be open to the greater Chico community.

The hope of SDBMX is to become a premier BMX destination in Northern California. Relocating SDBMX will allow us to increase organizational and physical infrastructure and continue to provide programs to existing riders while marketing to increase rider participation.


Contact Info

Heather Walker

(714) 376-0657

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