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The fund will help those looking for alternative and traditional methods when struggling with cancer and other serious health issues. All proceeds will help supply resources, travel expenses, testing, comfort care, private nurses, concierge doctors, and one day a Center of New Medicine in Chico. Robert “Bob” Peacher 11/4/48 – 1/15/15

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Bob and Nickie endured a 19-month struggle that resulted in several misdiagnoses and much frustration. Luckily they found an amazing group of doctors in Los Angeles. He discovered alternative medicine late in life when these methods could have been effective earlier in his illness. No one should ever have to suffer and go through the pain they experienced. Everyone should have the opportunity to have access to all options and treatments. They do not want anyone to be scared into or looked down upon for questioning a treatment that will change their life forever. With our help, Double H Ranch Foundation will have the opportunity to help people find respect, trust, communication, compassion and confidence in medical doctors who believe in individual treatment paths, whether that be alternative or traditional medicine.

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Nickie Peacher