Purses for Primates

Fund Purpose

To raise money for orangutan conservation by donating proceeds to Orangutan Outreach.

More Info

Purses for Primates was started by teenager Allison Boyer when she was in the 7th grade. Allison has a passion for saving orangutans and started this nonprofit to raise money for her favorite orangutan organization, Orangutan Outreach. She collects gently used purses to re-sell at purse events and has been able to raise over $10,000 with all her efforts. Orangutan Outreach uses the funds she donates to transport orangutans from rescue centers into protected forests once they are ready to live in the wild. Many orangutans are displaced from their habitats due to deforestation caused by the rapid growth of the palm oil plantation industry. Unfortunately, orangutans are hunted in these desperate times for their meat, and their worth on the black market. Orangutan young are much like human children, they need to be taught by their mothers how to survive. Without them, they have little chance of survival. Rescue centers like those supported by Orangutan Outreach are vital to the orangutans’ survival. They teach them the valuable skills needed to live on their own and release them once they are ready. Allison’s goal is to continue this nonprofit so it can grow and help this wonderful species.

Contact Info

Allison Boyer