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Paradise Art Center Fund

Fund Purpose

Paradise Art Center is funded primarily through donations and supported by volunteers. Donated funds support maintaining our 100+ year old facility and the activities within, including classes and events for the community.

Note: Contributions to this fund are made available to the nonprofit by NVCF and are not specifically restricted to a particular project.

Enhance art center activities and classes for the community.

More Info

Paradise Art Center, a volunteer non-profit organization funded primarily through donations and supported by volunteers, has been active in Paradise for 55 years and resides in a 100+ year old building that is one of the oldest structures to survive in the downtown area. The Art Center strives to reach out to the greater Paradise community in order to engage artists in creative art-making, to encourage community members to participate in art-related activities, and to enrich the town through meaningful, inclusive, visual art experiences, for the purpose of creating a community that recognizes and appreciates the value of visual arts.

The devastating Camp Fire of November 2018 has greatly reduced the number of opportunities for enrichment, social engagement, art studio space and art education in our area. We're committed to providing community members the proven therapeutic benefits of art as a way to express themselves, decrease anxiety and depression, and adapt to change. We are helping our community heal through classes and events that are open to all.


Contact Info

Doreen Fogle, Treasurer

Kathleen Dysert, President

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