Friends of Immigrants in Crisis Global Resource Fund

Fund Purpose

To provide subsidies for USCIS filing fees or worthy at-risk immigrants eligible for benefits in Northern California's central valley and beyond, through the guidance of Andrew Holley, attorney for immigrants.

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Immigrants, documented and otherwise, have always made up the fabric of American culture since this country was founded. Their innovation, culture, perspective, and embrace of human virtue is what continues to make America great. However, America has witnessed the cyclical blaming of immigrants for the temporary ailments, whether they be war, economy, and other disasters. This trend has never been more true or exhibited more profoundly than today. Immigrants in America, and those who wish to enter legally, have never been more scrutinized, victimized, hunted, and blamed than they are today. The Northern California Central Valley, stretching from Sacramento to Redding, has relied on a vibrant immigrant community based upon the agricultural needs of the region. Unfortunately, many immigrants in the region endure severe poverty due to the vulnerable nature of their employment. Thousands of immigrants in the region are eligible for immigration benefits, but cannot afford to pay the steep filing fees that USCIS charges for these benefits. It is the purpose of this fund, through the professional legal guidance of Andrew Holley, Attorney for Immigrants, in partnership with the North Valley Community Fund, to identify at-risk immigrants, and provide subsidies for USCIS filing fees that charges eligible applicants in the North Valley and beyond.


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Andrew Holley

(530) 715-2300