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Friends of Everybody Healthy Body

Fund Purpose

The purpose of this fund is to support the nonprofit organization Everybody Healthy Body.

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When families and friends have the opportunity to connect and play around shared values of health and education, our community thrives—people are happier, healthier and enriched with relationships to live better. Imagine a space here in our own backyard dedicated to providing first-class facilities, created with those values, for individual and team sports—on a field, on a court or on a trail. A space so amazing it allows your family to stay and play locally, while investing in our own economy and quality of life. Everybody Healthy Body was formed out of the belief that together we could build world-class indoor and outdoor facilities that would attract families and individuals from other regions to create a positive economic impact to our community. This dream is taking shape around a 264-acre property off Highway 99—a sports park planned for opportunities now and well into the future.


Contact Info

Jovanni Tricerri

(530) 715-0035

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