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Chico Science Fair Foundation

Fund Purpose

Provides current year funding for the Chico Science Fair. The Chico Science Fair Foundation’s mission is to promote science education and scientific discover among the youth in our community. We do this by supporting and providing guidance to the Chico Science Fair and ensuring the continued availability and vitality of this community-wide celebration of scientific inquire for the student citizens of Chico. Excess contributions will be transferred to the Endowment Fund to ensure the quality and continuation of the Chico Science Fair.

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Students from public and private schools in the Chico area exhibit their science projects in the Chico Science Fair. These projects have demonstrated excellence in a variety of disciplines in the social sciences, natural sciences, physical sciences, and engineering. The Chico Science Fair has been held annually since 1984. Approximately 1,000 K-12 students participate each year, exhibiting approximately 500 projects. More than 2,000 visitors view projects during the two days the science fair is open to the public. Hundreds of volunteers from business, academia, professional and student organizations, and the general public commit their time, efforts, and financial resources to ensure that this opportunity for science education continues.

Contact Info

Becki Brunelli, Chrissie Weston, Co-Directors

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