Chico Police Department K9 Unit

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To help fund the Chico Police Department's K-9 Program.

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While the Chico Police Department’s K-9 Program is funded by the City, donation funds are solicited in order to help pay for those items that the City cannot fund such as purchase of new K-9’s ($7,500 – $10,000); Basic K-9 Handler’s Course ($4,500); supplemental, advanced and tactical K-9 training; K-9 equipment such as bite suits/sleeves, muzzles, training aids, training collars, working collars, lashes/long lines, harnesses, K-9 ballistic vests; veterinarian costs. It has been proven that each Police K-9 team saves over 800 man hours per year. Police K-9 teams deploy in the field daily and are heavily relied upon by their human Police Officer partners. These police K-9 teams prevent crime, reduce injury to officers and are a much-needed resource for every law enforcement agency.


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