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Camp Fire Collaborative

Fund Purpose

The Camp Fire Collaborative was formed in late 2018 as a response to the destruction left behind after the Nov. 2018 Camp Fire to lead our community towards a healthy and thriving future. We recognize that the needs we have as a community are still being discovered and we must be intentional about facing the days to come. Financial donations help us continue to provide leadership and partnership as we connect survivors to the numerous unmet needs they now have.

More Info

The Camp Fire Collaborative have members from public sector, private business, non-profit, community groups and faith-based organizations because we know that each of us brings a unique perspective and walks with different segments of our community. Our goal is to ensure that we effectively represent the whole community and are focused on identifying and meeting the ongoing needs in our community. By working alongside government agencies in a collaborative way we can help bring about the best long-term solutions for our county and region.


Contact Info

Bruce Yerman


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