BCOE - Butte County High School Anglers

Fund Purpose

Volunteers and financial sponsors are critical to the success of this program. Our high school anglers need the opportunity to get on the water and apply the skills they learn! Individual or corporate sponsorship are greatly appreciated.

More Info

The Butte County High School Anglers (BCHSA) is a fishing organization open to all high school students of Butte County who want to perfect their angling skills. The club is the first of its kind in Butte County. BCHSA will operate like any other school sporting event with coaches, staff, and volunteers. Students will be frequenting various water sites with the coaching staff in order to sharpen their angling skills for competition. Once a month, members will meet in a classroom setting so coaching staff may assess students’ progression of knowledge in the sport. Members will have the opportunity to compete in various fishing tournaments with BCHSA. Members will be responsible for transportation to all classes and events. However, members will not be responsible for providing boats for on-water fishing.


Contact Info

Mary Ellen Garrahy

(530) 532-5647