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The purpose of this fund is to assist in the establishment of Almanor Foundation as a nonprofit legal entity within California and as a 501c3 under the Code. The Almanor Foundation will promote and facilitate philanthropy and community engagement; offer planned giving services to individuals, families, businesses, financial advisors, and nonprofit agencies; serve as a neutral convener for community concerns and issues; manage funds created by individuals, families, businesses and organizations or public agencies.

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The purpose of The Almanor Foundation is to be the catalyst that inspires ideas, sparks action and connects members of the community with funding and resources for growth, and an equitable, healthy, and rewarding quality of life for the greater community.

We serve our local families, youth and organizations through grants and philanthropic projects. We offer community philanthropists the perfect vehicle for their charitable donations and create opportunities for community members who desire to share their time, financial support or expertise with a focused plan for their generosity.

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Tax ID 68-0161455

Donor Advised Funds may give using the Tax ID and specifying The Almanor Foundation as the desired recipient.


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Moorea Stout, Executive Director

(530) 588-3799