Music Therapy Impact Fund

Erin Haley


Fund Purpose

To implement music therapy programs or provide individual music therapy services.

Initially, funds will be used to create music therapy programs in Chico and the surrounding areas. Programs may be developed at health facilities (medical, hospice, rehabilitation facilities, etc.), in the school system, and/or for other for-profit and not-for-profit entities (assisted living, special education, etc.).


More Info

Music therapy uses music to assist individuals to accomplish intellectual and developmental goals, to aid in neurologic rehabilitation, and to support the mind, body, and spiritual needs of the whole person.

The Music Therapy Impact Fund works to expand the local and global reach of music therapy to individuals who may not otherwise be able to receive these services. Additionally, the Fund aims to provide community education about, and awareness of the benefits and efficacy of music therapy in health care and in overall development.

On a global scale, The Fund is working towards developing programs that provide services to individuals and organizations in underprivileged countries.