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Jeramie Sabelman


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Rockwall Preservation Society

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We are a non-profit group of longtime locals dedicated to documenting and preserving the local rock walls in our area so our future generations can enjoy them as well. To our surprise, there has been no protection for these walls and their history is quite unique. No one really knows who built the walls or why, so their age is somewhat a mystery at this time. Our main area of focus, for the time being, is the walls in Chico, CA extending into other parts of Butte County however, there are similar walls all around the Chico area, from near the Oregon border to the central valley and over to the coast, all shrouded in uncertainty as to their history and purpose.

It is imperative to take action now before these historical artifacts are looted even further and disappear forever without ever having their history and purpose documented.

Join us as we embark on this dedicated adventure of discovery to document the walls and get them the respect they deserve.