Friends of One Mobile Projector per Trainer

Patrice York


Fund Purpose:

OMPT empowers the most under-served communities in the world to lift themselves out of poverty by gaining access to knowledge that can transform their lives. We train and equip aid organizations to create videos that can be shown via battery powered projectors in remote areas with no electricity. OMPT serves the poorest 50 countries on the planet, where people live on an average of $2 per day.


More Info:

OMPT envisions a world where electricity, location, language and materials are no longer barriers to positive social change. By empowering organizations to create videos, we can help them to better reach the most underserved and remote communities with less staff and fewer resources. With recent advancements in technology – like mini cameras and mini projectors – everyone can use video as an educational tool, even without electricity. Our equipment is rugged and portable, and uses alternative energy sources like solar power, so it can be used anywhere, at any time.