Irlen Ambassadors Charitable Trust Fund

Elizabeth Barker


Fund Purpose

To raise awareness of Irlen syndrome, and to raise funds to pay for the lab fees for low-income individuals.


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Although this method is used in 46 countries there are still many schools and associations unaware of the potential for help for their students or clients. Irlen ambassadors are dedicated to spreading awareness of this syndrome that affects one in five people and raising funds to help individuals pay for costs of lab fees for glasses.

Irlen glasses or overlays are a non-invasive drug-free solution to learning problems, headaches, eye strain, & fatigue. Almost 50% of those with reading or learning problems have Irlen syndrome.

This is not a problem with the eyes. It is a problem with the brain.

The problems can affect reading, copying, math and general academic performance as well as attention and comprehension. The result may be underachievement, reading problems, behavior issues, or learning difficulties.

Special education, General, and Gifted students can be helped by the Irlen method.


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Come enjoy a family fun fall morning, rolling through lower Bidwell Park. Bring your bike, skates, blades, skateboard, stroller or wheelchair. Meet at One Mile for a 1K or 5K adventure through the park. Wear purple to support Irlen Awareness.

Irlen Syndrome is a visual processing disorder that affects 1 in 5 individuals.

The Irlen Method is a non-invasive, drug-free therapy that improves the brain’s ability to process visual information, using colored filters to relieve headaches and visual distortions.