Inspire School of Arts & Sciences

Nola Powell


Fund Purpose

The Inspire Foundation exists for the sole purpose of supporting students and staff at Inspire School of Arts & Sciences in the quest for enriching educational experiences.


More Info:

Inspire School of Arts and Sciences, a college preparatory charter high school located in beautiful downtown Chico, provides students a personalized learning environment profoundly enhanced by a focus on visual and performing arts, science, and engineering.

With over 400 students, Inspire offers a rigorous academic program and a comprehensive professionally-driven performing & visual arts program as well as a Science department with statewide notoriety in engineering & robotics. Inspire students enjoy a small, safe community that promotes academic excellence and active participation in the learning process.

The Inspire Foundation is a Parent & Community run Non-Profit organized to provide financial support to the programs, students, staff & families of Inspire through scholarships, grants and benevolent gifts.