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Contact: Kristy Lively

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We are a fiscally sponsored non-profit organization devoted to the entrepreneurial spirits of girls and survivors of sex-trafficking. Give Voice to the SURVIVOR ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT. Empower those who live beyond the stigmas of exploitation.

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As the Founder, we have the honor of serving the CSEC [Commercially Sexually Exploited Children] population with entrepreneurship opportunities so they may find independence and give voice to their entrepreneurial spirit. As a woman, I believe empowered women give birth to empowered communities.

Every year, Artwork created by survivors-children-girls/boys in major port cities (sex trafficking hubs) are featured and sold to the community to support the young artist who created them! With a strict policy committed to the autonomy and privacy of Survivors. Our success is centered in offering entrepreneurial and innovative experiences to girls and Survivors, ranging from artistic business models to private sector immersion programs.

It is our mission to give voice to the entrepreneurial spirits of girls and survivors of sex trafficking in every major port city in the United States.

Website: http://www.empowermeart.org

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EmpowerMeArt