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Fund Purpose

Provide students at Inspire School of Arts and Sciences the opportunity to explore and deepen their theatrical passions and talents by attending and performing at the 2019 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The reason for engaging these activities is to raise money for the following charitable purpose: funds will be given to the American High School Theatre Festival, who produces student work at the Fringe Festival, and who arrange all travel accommodations. Students will also participate in acting workshops at the Globe Theatre in London, England.

More Info

What is the Edinburgh Fringe Festival? In 1947, the Edinburgh International Festival was formed as an event to promote peace and unity in the world after World War II. Eight uninvited theatre companies traveled to the Festival and participated on its ‘fringes’. These companies attracted so much attention and enthusiasm that a new festival was born, The Edinburgh Festival Fringe! Today, with nearly 3,000 productions, 40,000 performances and thousands of performers from across the globe, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe is the largest performance arts festival in the world!

How would students participate in the festival? We’ve been invited through the American High School Theatre Festival, who selects a small group of high schools to help facilitate and produce their performances at the Fringe Festival. The AHSTF organizes all the travel specs and details from flights to hotel to food.

Wait, will they actually get to perform? Yes! They’ll get to do 4 performances as official productions at the Fringe Festival.

What do students learn or gain by participating in this trip? Students will kick-off their trip in London, England, for a workshop at the Globe theatre and a few tours of major attractions. Then, they’ll head off to Scotland to perform and see theatre. From performance to tech rehearsal, to optional theatre workshops, this trip offers true hands-on learning. Additionally, students can earn one college credit and Mrs. Horst will gain valuable professional development. Not to mention, we’ll see some amazing cutting edge theatre from performing groups across the world!

How much does it cost and how many students can Inspire bring? As many as there are interested (barring fundraising hurdles) The total cost for each student (including EVERYTHING – meals, costumes, sets, lodging, flights, transportation) is about $6000. This GoFundMe will help us scratch the surface at that number and make the trip accessible to more kids.

When is this amazing trip happening? August 2019. The American High School Theatre Festival is funding Mrs. Horst’s trip to learn/train about/for the festival this August, but the whole crew will go August 2019.