Disability Sport and Recreation Fund

Heidi Erickson

Fund Purpose

Our mission is to provide adapted sport and recreation opportunities and access to school-aged individuals with disabilities from Butte County.

More Info

Our fund supports adapted and inclusive sport and recreation opportunities for kids with various disabilities including, but not limited to Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida, Intellectual Disabilities, physical disabilities, visual impairments, deaf or hard of hearing. Our fund supports transportation costs, entry/registration costs, rental fees, and supplies needed to support fund sponsored events such as Adapted Snow Skiing, Adapted Bicycling, Adapted Water Skiing, Special Olympics Track Meet, Adapted Aquatic Activities to name a few. Your funds go directly to funding the sponsored events to provide and support students’ abilities to experience the thrill of participating in physical activities that meet their unique abilities. Please join us in spreading the word about this great fund!