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2014 was rough year for a lot of us, Marcy lost the battle to pancreatic cancer that year. And since then a number of us have been working to move forward in search of something that can never quite be replaced. Cancer is an absolutely horrible thing, cancer is something that never quits. For the ones that survive they are left with daily reminder of what life was like before, and the fear that cancer might come back. For the ones that lose the battle we are happy to know that their suffering is gone, but we are left with a hole in our hearts and lives.

After Marcy’s death I dealt with depression that kept me from wanting to train and compete and then with injury in 2015 I decided to retire from the sport of Triathlon. But in the back of my mind I had made a promise. So over the last year, I took time to reach out to Global Dental Relief to meet the people who ran it and learn about what they were doing for the children around the world. One of the things that I learned, was with everything that Marcy had going on, one of the things she was most passionate about was Global Dental Relief.

Over these last few years I’ve been searching for something that is missing, and to be honest I am not sure what I am searching for. But, I hope to find it somewhere in the bottom of Grand Canyon as I dig deep to complete my promise. A few weeks ago I hired my old coach back and we started training again.
Now I am reaching asking for help in a project that I am putting together. I was hoping you might take a second to look at all this and consider helping.

If you have time please take a look at my FB page. Jason Watson Racing Professional Triathlete or and my website

The last time I saw Marcy, before she lost her battle with cancer. I promised her that I complete the Rim2Rim2Rim for her, as It was one of her bucket list items. My goal is to fulfill that promise in April 2018. I am updating and tracking my progress as I prepare for the Rim2Rim2Rim so that I can bring awareness to Global Dental Relief with a goal of raising $24,566 dollars, this amount is equal to the total elevation change I will endure during my event.

I am personally donating 1 cent per mile of elevation gain for a total of $245.66 to help get this started.

Global Dental Relief provides dental care to children in 5 different country with limited access to treatment. In many parts of the world, dentists are few and the cost of care is financially beyond reach for children and families. For most of the children we treat, Global Dental Relief provides the first dental care and oral health education of their young lives.
GDR dental volunteers bring critical oral health care and education to children – building smiles in faces for years to come. Working in teams of dental and non-dental professionals, volunteers provide exams, cleanings, fillings, fluoride treatments, and extractions as needed.

I am currently seeking the following donations:
1/4 of 1 cent per foot of elevation gain = $61.41
1/2 of 1 cent per foot of elevation gain = $122.83
1 cent per foot of elevation gain = $245.66
5 cents per foot of elevation gain = $1,228.30
10 cents per foot of elevation gain = $2,456.60

I hope that you will follow me in my journey and maybe donate that $1 to help me honor Marcy and continue the her support of Global Dental Relief.

You can track my progress on my website Jason Watson Racing along with all my updates on how things are going and the progress we are making.