Chico High School – Class of 1969 Scholarship Fund

Bruce Book


Fund Purpose

The primary purpose of this fund shall be to offer educational scholarships for current Chico High School students who exemplify the qualities of the Class of 1969. We are investing in the future, knowing the Class of 1969 is making a difference.


More Info

The Class of ’69 believes we are a special class, forged by history and time, to share with others the determination, caring, and financial rewards we have received by never quitting. Always moving forward with life, no matter what the circumstances we were dealt, we have established a scholarship fund to support a Chico High student athlete who has shown that same determination, to help further their education in recognition of Jay Anderson and other Chico High students and athletes of the Class of ’69 who have finished their race in life. By investing in young athletes we can pass that determination and caring to future generations of Chico High graduates.