Chico Chi Center

Matt Cavender
The words, “The Strength, Balance and Mobility Class has changed my life!” is what gives me a sense of joyful purpose and is the reason why I focus on teaching seasoned adults. Nearly 100% of those who work with my unique Qi Gong techniques experience improvement.
The first day of class students are hunched over, dealing with aches and pains, difficulty in standing up and issues of falling. After a few classes, the positive shifts and changes are obvious and noted by student’s comments: “Thanks to this class … “I had back pain all my life, but not anymore.” “When I trip I do not fall.” “I have a much easier time getting up and down.” “I don’t hold on to as many bad thoughts anymore.”
My goal for Chico Chi Center is to teach, the unique Qi Gong techniques that I have developed from over 35 years of learning and teaching to seasoned adults. Each aspect of my practice works with the individual’s mental, emotional and physical abilities in order to bring wholeness and well-being. In order to make these classes accessible the fee is based on a sliding scale.  No one is turned away.