Bridging the Gap for Breast Cancer

Fran Wedow-President and Fund Director


Fund Purpose:

To provide funding for diagnostic testing, mammography & biopsy for women under age of 40 and men of any age residing in Butte and Glenn Counties and have no other means to pay for the above services.

To provide financial support to graduating seniors who have lost a parent or sibling to breast cancer or who have a parent or sibling in treatment for breast cancer.


More Info:

The Fund was established in 2003.

This Fund is supported by the Canyon Oaks Women’s Golf Club with proceeds raised at the annual Pink Ribbon Open Golf Tournament. The fund supports those 40 and under have no insurance or are underinsured with no means to pay for services. The students who receive our scholarship have had to endure life changing events in their lives and it is our hope we can help by furthering his or her education.