Ag Biomass Foundation

Thor Bailey


Fund Purpose

Our goal is to provide a results-oriented dialog to help gain knowledge and insight into our evolving Biomass challenge. By exploring alternative mitigation and reduction strategies via practicum, we strive to educate the next generation.


More Info

The ABF (Ag Biomass Foundation) serves as a knowledge hub for peer-reviewed pragmatic biomass reduction strategies for the 21st century. These practices and strategies have their roots in addressing the ongoing challenges faced by California farmers, large and small alike.  They are the timeless management of crop residue, water retention and ultimately soil health.

We bring together a diverse collaboration of today’s best thought leaders and subject matter experts in an approachable format. We know the information landscape is vast so we stay focused on the unique needs and objectives of what it takes to grow food today.  We provide a platform for projects and events that support our purpose.

We’ve gleaned one critical focus from our 30 years of R&D and agricultural biomass remediation. The primary goal for all of us is healthy soil and the pathway is through organic crop residue management.

We look forward to growing change.