Employee Giving Program

Offer your employees a convenient and impactful way to give to their favorite charities while taking advantage of applicable tax benefits.

Workplace giving is an easy and efficient way for your employees to make tax-deductible donations to the charities they care about with donations taken directly out of their paychecks. Studies show that giving through payroll contribution is three times more effective than simply writing a check. Why?

First, spreading your contribution over the course of a year allows smaller, more manageable amounts to be taken out of your paycheck. Small gifts add up to a significant amount. Second, the gift is deducted automatically, before you get your paycheck. You’ll confirm your choice just once annually, while knowing throughout the year that your gift is at work. Third, your gifts connect you to your community.

Contact Alexa Benson-Valavanis to find out how easy it is to setup an Employee Giving Program.
avalavanis@nvcf.org or (530) 891-1150

Beneficiary Designation

If your employer already offers an Employee Giving Program through the North Valley Community Foundation, you can submit your Beneficiary Designation Form here.

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