Employee Care Funds

Business owners care as much for their employees as they do their bottom line. When employees suffer tragedy, hardship, or are seeking other help, employers often want to contribute. Check here to see which North Valley companies are offering an Employee Care Fund with NVCF.

Interested in starting an Employee Care Fund for your business?
Contact Alexa Benson-Valavanis at avalavanis@nvcf.org or (530) 891-1150.

Hignell Companies

Creating Caring Communities that Transform Lives

A portion of our foundation funds the needs of our family of employees, and a portion is allocated to help others in our community who are working towards goals that align with our corporate vision.

The Community Impact Fund of the Hignell Companies Foundation provides financial resources for the community in areas we desire to make an impact. All grant applications are reviewed by the Community Impact Fund Advisory Team, made up of employees from The Hignell Companies. Grants are available for industry investment, social welfare, community betterment, and Christian spiritual growth and transformation.

Along with giving grants, each year the Hignell Companies Foundation will select a Major Initiative to care for families in our area. This year we are partnering with Habitat for Humanity. Click here for more information.

Our giving with the Community Impact Fund reflects our focus, our core beliefs and our trust in God.

Our foundation exists:

  • To bring transformation within our sphere of influence: our employees, our customers, the cities of Chico and Oroville, and beyond.
  • To make our company a supernatural incubator from which people are launched into their divine destiny.
  • To provide financial resources beyond our wildest expectations: to meet the needs of employees, customers, and community for whom we are called to care.

Our methods are simple: we work in and through relationships, seek to honor and encourage one another, demonstrate unwavering integrity, practice uncommon generosity, and foster growth and innovation.

Our giving programs—our Employee Care Fund and our Community Impact Fund—embody these principles and beliefs. Our hope is that we might reflect God’s love through our own practice of uncommon generosity and truly inspire our community at large to live out their divine destiny.


Sheraton Real Estate Management

The Hope Foundation, because it honors relationships, authenticity and the dignity of all people, was founded to offer assistance to employees of Sheraton Real Estate Management, Sheraton Services, community members and organizations. Our desire is that through various means of assistance and participation, individuals will discover the very reason for the creation and existence of the Foundation-Hope.

From the early days of our company, Sheraton has cared about our employees, the community in which we do business, and the dignity of all people. The Hope Foundation embodies these values and our desire is to provide a means to encourage every individual to take action towards a positive, productive and purposeful future.

We want to join with our employees, our residents, and the community at large in thinking about how together we might make a contribution that provides an opportunity for others to experience a future and a new hope.

Our giving programs—Employee Care Fund and Community Impact Fund—embody these principles and beliefs. Our hope is that we might truly inspire our employees and the community at large to participate with us and experience the fulfillment and joy of partnering with each other for a common purpose.

Hope Foundation Employee Care Fund Press Release