These funds benefit local educational institutions and students, as well as support organization working in the area of education.

Reading Pals

Contact: Michelle Curran Fund Purpose Reading Pals is a local literacy campaign started by community members who recognize the importance of...
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Respect The Wall Charitable Fund

Contact: Jeramie Sabelman   Fund Purpose Rockwall Preservation Society More Info We are a non-profit group of longtime locals dedicated to...
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Slow Theatre

Contact: Denver Latimer   Fund Purpose: Education and Arts Performances for the Community More Info: Slow Theatre requires a deliberate approach...
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Steve Harrison and Linda Zorn Foundation

Contact: Linda L. Zorn   Fund Purpose Promotion of cycling, youth cycling development, environmental causes, and the arts.    

Teichert Ponds Restoration Foundation

Contact: Dick Cory   Fund Purpose To educate the public, as well as promote and fund the restoration of the Teichert...
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The Apollo Piano Foundation

Contact: Vincent Chambers   Fund Purpose The Apollo Piano Foundation was founded to promote the playing of piano music on acoustic...
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The Clexa Project

The Clexa Project will be exploring how the mainstream media industry misrepresents, baits, and erases diverse LGBTQ+ characters, specifically queer women and their corresponding relationships. We are demanding that all stories be celebrated, and wish to educate others of this demand through the production of a feature length documentary. Funds generated through the North Valley Community Foundation will be utilized for all pre-production, production, and post-production costs. With the support and participation of various stakeholders in the movement for positive LGBTQ+ representation, we will be producing this film with the intention of cultivating a culture that humanizes diverse communities and challenges limiting media stereotypes.

The Paradise Big Band

To raise funds for the Paradise Adventist Academy. Also to tutor students in musical instruments of their choice and the art of playing in various musical configurations. To raise community awareness of big band music.

The Yellow Door

Contact: Josie Blagrave   Fund Purpose: The Yellow Door came together out of two desires: to support individuals with autism and...
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Tony J. Paiva Memorial Fund

Contact: Marianne Paiva   Fund Purpose Scholarship for Chico High School FFA students.      

Your Vote Counts

I am advocating for more young people to vote. The average voter is 62; do you think they have your interests in mind?