These funds benefit local educational institutions and students, as well as support organization working in the area of education.

Northern California School Safety Fund

Contact: Alexa Benson-Valavanis Purpose The mission of the Northern California School Safety Fund is to provide resources and support for school safety...
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Outdoor Education for All!

Vision: Outdoor Education for All! (OEFA) brings together dedicated organizations and individuals who collectively deliver a range of standards-based and high quality outdoor learning experiences for students of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. Mission: We partner to collectively deliver outdoor learning experiences that promote ecological literacy and health and wellness, building a citizenry active in natural and cultural resource conservation and stewardship.

Peace Panel Project

Contact: Charles Withuhn   Fund Purpose: To educate about Nonviolent Communication; Better World Shopping; Project Censored; Ruses for War and Career...
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Seed Of Love

Our Purpose here are: - First step is pay the fees - Services of Professionals and specialists

The Clexa Project

The Clexa Project will be exploring how the mainstream media industry misrepresents, baits, and erases diverse LGBTQ+ characters, specifically queer women and their corresponding relationships. We are demanding that all stories be celebrated, and wish to educate others of this demand through the production of a feature length documentary. Funds generated through the North Valley Community Foundation will be utilized for all pre-production, production, and post-production costs. With the support and participation of various stakeholders in the movement for positive LGBTQ+ representation, we will be producing this film with the intention of cultivating a culture that humanizes diverse communities and challenges limiting media stereotypes.

Your Vote Counts

I am advocating for more young people to vote. The average voter is 62; do you think they have your interests in mind?