These funds benefit local educational institutions and students, as well as support organization working in the area of education.

Inspire School of Arts & Sciences

Contact: Nola Powell   Fund Purpose The Inspire Foundation exists for the sole purpose of supporting students and staff at Inspire...
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League of Women Voters of Butte County Endowment Fund

Contact: Linda MacMichael   Fund Purpose To support the charitable endeavors, including but not limited to the educational programs and projects,...
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Little Red Hen

To raise money for programs for adults and children with developmental disabilities.

North Valley Music Foundation

To provide scholarships for private instruction to music students in the Orland area.

Northern California School Safety Fund

Contact: Alexa Benson-Valavanis Purpose The mission of the Northern California School Safety Fund is to provide resources and support for school safety...
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Outdoor Education for All!

Vision: Outdoor Education for All! (OEFA) brings together dedicated organizations and individuals who collectively deliver a range of standards-based and high quality outdoor learning experiences for students of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. Mission: We partner to collectively deliver outdoor learning experiences that promote ecological literacy and health and wellness, building a citizenry active in natural and cultural resource conservation and stewardship.

Peace Panel Project

Contact: Charles Withuhn   Fund Purpose: To educate about Nonviolent Communication; Better World Shopping; Project Censored; Ruses for War and Career...
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Seed Of Love

Our Purpose here are: - First step is pay the fees - Services of Professionals and specialists

The Clexa Project

The Clexa Project will be exploring how the mainstream media industry misrepresents, baits, and erases diverse LGBTQ+ characters, specifically queer women and their corresponding relationships. We are demanding that all stories be celebrated, and wish to educate others of this demand through the production of a feature length documentary. Funds generated through the North Valley Community Foundation will be utilized for all pre-production, production, and post-production costs. With the support and participation of various stakeholders in the movement for positive LGBTQ+ representation, we will be producing this film with the intention of cultivating a culture that humanizes diverse communities and challenges limiting media stereotypes.

The Stream Team

As a regional leader in natural resource protection efforts, The Stream Team has significantly improved locally-led dialogue and coordination toward greater conservation of natural resources in the North State. The Stream Team provides opportunities for citizens, schools and community organizations to participate in restoring stream-side habitats, monitoring water quality and implementing Low Impact Development (LID) strategies that reduce water quality impacts associated with storm water runoff pollution. Your support will help us: 1) maintain and replace water quality sampling equipment and supplies (calibration fluids), and laboratory costs; 2) provide supplies for Clean Water Science Ambassador Program in Butte County schools (native plants, rain gages, gloves, boots, field trips); 3) provide volunteer training and educational workshops; 4) support monthly water quality monitoring; 5) provide storm water education and outreach; and 6) prepare and manage water quality grants.

Your Vote Counts

I am advocating for more young people to vote. The average voter is 62; do you think they have your interests in mind?