Community Services

These funds support services that benefit the entire community, including public safety, public services and economic development.


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Support the 2-1-1 live local telephone helpline that connects Butte County residents with available free and low cost services.

Jewett Family Endowment

Funding local organizations for education, children and seniors.

Justin’s Bike Fund

The purpose of Justin's Bike Fund is to provide children in need with bicycles and helmets

Ken and Sally Logan Charitable Fund

Contact: Sally Logan   Fund Purpose: We created this fund to support socially and environmentally responsible organizations that promote awareness, education,...
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Lori Wesley Memorial Fund

Contact: Gil Wesley     Fund Purpose: The Lori Wesley Memorial Fund was established in memory of Lori Wesley who was...
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Love Chapmantown Community Foundation

Contact: Stephen Tchudi   Fund Purpose The Love Chapmantown Coalition participates in our community in south Chico for the betterment of...
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Lundberg Family Foundation

Contact: Lars Lundberg   Fund Purpose As an expression of gratitude, The Lundberg Family Foundation seeks to serve others by supporting organizations...
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Music Therapy Impact Fund

To implement music therapy programs or provide individual music therapy services. Initially, funds will be used to create music therapy programs in Chico and the surrounding areas. Programs may be developed at health facilities (medical, hospice, rehabilitation facilities, etc.), in the school system, and/or for other for-profit and not-for-profit entities (assisted living, special education, etc.).

Never Counted Out

Contact: C.G. Watson   Fund Purpose Welcome to the Creative Revolution! Never Counted Out is a non-profit that bridges the gap...
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North Valley Disaster Relief Fund

Contact: Logan Todd   Fund Purpose North Valley Disaster Relief Grant-Making Committee is an independent committee made up largely of local...
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North Valley Housing Trust

Contact: James Coles   Fund Purpose The North Valley Housing Trust provides a home and a support network for those in...
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North Valley InTune Music

We raise money for local public school music program, and inspire children to learn music and instruments. We raise money for local foster children's scholarship.