Citizens in Action: Redefining Community

In an era of political polarization and toxic communication, our identity as a community faces many challenges. We are in the middle of a rhetorical storm… It also presents opportunities to create the type of community most of us believe in: a place where everyone is invited to contribute to its success.

If you spend any time watching the news, you might be tempted to think that civility has been lost and action has devolved into shouting.  And lest we blame politicians, political pundits or other community leaders, the wild world of social media has become a commonplace for arrows thrown and misconceptions perpetuated.

The cycle of absurdity resets after a while and the downward spiral restarts. Elections happen every couple of years, but what we do day-to-day creates the community we live in.  Communities like ours in Northern California can be defined by events in Sacramento and Washington, DC—if we let them. But that’s not who we are. Our country was created with the guiding principle that We the People determine the community we live in and that everyone of us has responsibility for its success.

Over the next several months, we at the North Valley Community Foundation will give our observations of who we are as a community by telling the stories of people who were inspired to action. In our community, we believe that the greatest role is that of citizen—with all the rights and responsibilities that position holds. Through these people we see a community of great character and compassion.

This is our community—both civil and respectful toward each other and eager to contribute to the success of what makes our community thrive.

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